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What Is PLIDA?

The PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) certificate is an official diploma issued by the Società Dante Alighieri under an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the approval of the University of Rome. The PLIDA is also recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and by the Ministry of University and Research as a qualification for the university entry of foreign students.
The PLIDA certificate attests proficiency in Italian as a foreign language on the basis of 6-level scale established by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework for Languages: from level A1, the most elementary, documenting the ability to use Italian in everyday situations, to level C2, the most qualified, guaranteeing an expertise comparable to that of an educated mother-tongue speaker, and which can be used in all professional contexts. Click here for more information!
Also ask us about: study tours to Italy, Internationally recognized Italian Language Certification (PLIDA), and other DA courses available in Adelaide!


  • Satisfy your Professional Learning requirements for renewal of Teacher Registration
  • Clearly show your level of Italian on your CV
  • Enrol in an Italian University without taking mandatory Italian Language Exams
  • Obtain a long-stay Residence Permit in Italy


2 x 15 Week Semesters at 3 hours per week (Total of 90 hours)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 5:30-8:30pm
262 Carrington Street, Adelaide
$650 per semester (at $14.50 per hour, it is incredible value for money!) + $50 Textbook to be purchased through us

(PLIDA exam fee not included)

Want to know more? Join our free information evening on Friday 16 February @ 6pm where you can meet us, talk to us in person, take a short entry level test and ask any further questions.

To verify your knowledge of Italian and make sure you choose the appropriate level, please follow this link http://www.radiodante.it/esercizi/ (in Italian) or try part of a PLIDA test here: http://plida.it/plida/certificazione/prove-desame.html

Please RSVP via email at info@ladantesa.com


Specifically designed courses leading to the PLIDA Certificate exams.
The PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) certificates of proficiency in Italian as a Foreign Language are officially recognised by the Italian Goverment and Universities for study, work and VISA purposes.
In 2018 the Dante Alighieri Society of S.A. will again offer Certified courses in Italian designed to prepare students for the (optional) PLIDA certification exams and based on the following table:

PLIDA A1Contact level
PLIDA A2Survival level
PLIDA B1Intermediate level
PLIDA B2Progress level
PLIDA C1Effectiveness level
PLIDA C2Mastery level

Initially we will offer levels A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary), B1 (Low-Intermediate) and B2 (Upper Intermediate). These, and higher levels, will be offered with a minimum of 6 enrolments.  

Get Certified

Our teachers are qualified native speakers of Italian. They present Italian language, culture and civilization in an enjoyable learning environment which encourages active participation in speaking and understanding the Italian language. The essential elements of grammar develop naturally from listening and reading activities and are put into practice through a variety of communicative situations.

An official Dante Alighieri attendance certificate (ADA) will be issued to participants who will achieve an attendance record of at least 80%.

Students enrolled in these courses are also encouraged to participate in the social and cultural activities organised by the Dante Alighieri Society of SA.

Exams (for ALL levels) are held in late November for our students and external students  wishing to sit for the PLIDA certification (fees apply).